WE WORK WITH THE BEST BRANDS IN THE WORLD – BERKENJAM‘s motto.Turkmenistan is the gateway with many cooperation potentials in Central Asia.

Our family company is a diversified trading company with long-standing experience, and a systematic market research team, which opens the pages of new mutually beneficial partnerships for European manufacturers.

Berkenjam's success demands that we provide the highest quality service to our customers. This approach includes before sale service, after sale services. The main objective of our company is to guarantee to our consumers a perfect product and level of quality, which fulfills wishes and matches their budget.

In addition, we must recognize that we all have a key role in supporting social ...responsibilities, which address our ethics, our quality control, and our environmental impact. We create all the conditions for a successful and reliable partnership by opening showrooms, retail outlets networks, and developing business in marketplaces and various online trading platforms.

In 2020, the creation of a separate structure, TechnoHaus, to promote home appliances through retail chains and online platforms, gave good results.

Our mission is to identify market needs, build a relationship with trustworthy manufacturers, and make long-term investments to successfully promote high-quality products.Our family company remains a reliable, long-term, and successful company. For many years it has been the official distributor of the following reputable European manufacturers. In addition to the cooperation with us, all companies have access to all parameters of cooperation, namely all statistical, marketing,
commercial, banking, and legal data on the Turkmenistan market.As a family-run business, Berkenjam maintains a trusting relationship with its business partners. We aim to maintain our reilability and trustworthiness for many years to come. We strive for close cooperation with our business parnters, based on loyalty and fair play. Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim for a long-term relationship. We attach great importance to our business partners who trust us and
coorparate closely with us.
BERKENJAM is always open to cooperation with potential partners from Europe.

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Franke Holding AG
Since its foundation in 1911, Franke's success has been based on innovative engineering, unique design, and outstanding Swiss quality. These values are still the cornerstone of our success today, together with entrepreneurial spirit, solution-oriented action, and a sense of responsibility. For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of it’s customers. Everything we do should be unique – from the products, we develop to the way we deal with our customers, partners, and employees. Cooking should be fun. Both amateur and professional chefs get the best results with the smart kitchen systems by put Franke Home Solutions. Out high-quality, kitchen systems put people first and are tailored to individual kitchen life. Because the is the heart of every home. We know our way around the kitchen of this world.
Dunavox is a well-known wine storage brand that originates from Budapest. Growing at an extremely fast rate, Dunavox is taking over the world of wine coolers. At Enofaber, we work collaboratively with wine storage companies to make sure we choose the right stock to provide for our loyal customers. When it comes to storing a bottle collection, it’s important that you choose the right cooling system. It can be hard to know how to store your wine efficiently, which is why the team at Enofaber are here to help. Dunavox wine coolers make the perfect choice for those in need of storage for their bottles. Made with modern technology, high-quality materials and parts, a Dunavox wine cooler is the ideal product for someone who needs to keep their wine at a specific temperature but struggles to do so in a regular household fridge. If you’re interested in integrating a Dunavox wine cooler into your home or commercial space, continue reading to learn more.
LIEBHERR-International AG
The LIEBHERR GROUP is a German manufacturer established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. Liebherr's program of domestic appliances is noted for its brilliant concept, modern design and well-planned solutions for optimum user convenience. It includes table-top, free-standing and combined refrigerators and freezers, freezer chests, food storage and drinks cooling refrigerators, wine cooling and wine-temperature control cabinets, as well as refrigerators and freezers for commercial use. Liebherr stands for continuous innovation and successful ideas management on a large scale. What we have already achieved serves as a basis for improvements in every area of the Group’s activities. Our products and services must always measure up to the standards associated with the Liebherr name, and to which we give top priority: the best possible quality and effective support for our customers´ business activities. To ensure that our products are manufactured to this high quality standard, we invest unceasingly in the modernization of our production facilities. We promote awareness of quality – and insist on it both in our own work and the work we commission from our business associates. We encourage our workforce to think creatively and are prepared to tackle even the most difficult technological challenges. Our decentralized corporate structure puts us in a position to react flexibly to competition in global market areas and to transform ideas rapidly into effective results.
Laurastar is a Swiss brand that has always, since it was founded, been committed to respecting your clothes and the environment. That is why Laurastar constantly innovates so you can keep your clothes looking beautiful easily and purify them naturally thanks to the hygienic qualities of its steam. Laurastar takes care of you and our planet. Each product is designed to last a long time, a commitment against planned obsolescence. Because life is never too beautiful. Since its creation, Laurastar has, through its products, continuously reflected the demand for quality, precision and aesthetics that has made Swiss skill a world standard. Company provides a breath of fresh air to your life every day and it is the world leader in professional ironing systems for home use. The excellence you need, to enhance both your clothes and your daily life. Contemporary, yet with an iconic elegance that instils desire, design is paramount to Laurastar. Special attention is given to the smallest details for optimum ergonomics. Always ahead of trends, our designers do everything they can to simplify and beautify your life.
Melitta Group
Melitta® has stood for coffee expertise since 1908. With our product range from the bean to the cup, we always guarantee you the best coffee enjoyment. However, the popularity of our products beyond the borders of Europe is no reason for us to rest on our laurels. Continuous further development and new ideas are particularly important to us in order to present you and your customers with innovative products that are always adapted to consumer needs. For us, conscious coffee enjoyment is closely linked to our business philosophy of sustainability. This is done in the interest of a permanent and stable balance of economic, social and ecological interests to ensure the long-term success of our company and to protect people, animals and the environment.
THOMAS Elektrogeräte
For more than 120 years, our company has been manufacturing products of the highest quality. And we know everything about quality. After all, our production of washing vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with aqua filtration is located in the heart of industrial Europe - the land of North Rhine - Westphalia. We know how to make state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners because we design and manufacture only them, without being distracted by hair dryers, kettles and toothbrushes. Our air purification and washing technologies using the natural properties of water are unique. Thanks to them, Thomas vacuum cleaners create a safe and healthy environment by removing dust, allergens and harmful particles from both your home and the air in your home. The opinion research institute YouGov confirms: Quality guarantee "Made in Germany" is number 1 for consumers worldwide. THOMAS products are Made in Germany from the start. From development to production.
GASTROBACK® is a modern premium brand which focuses on design, high-grade materials, professional functionality, quality and safety. This is not just a distant goal for us, but a living reality – day after day, product by product. We bring innovation to your kitchen with our products, which were otherwise available only for professionals. What makes work easy for the professionals and allows them to achieve top results, will surely also help in the kitchen at home. As a premium brand, it is our aspiration to set trends. That is what drives us. Last but not least, we offer all sorts of novelties such as products for multi-cooking, baking and food processing for the modern kitchen. With its products, GASTROBACK® wants to transform your kitchen into a world of enjoyment.
Elica S.p.A.
The Elica Group has been the global leading name in kitchen hoods across the globe since the 1970s. The brand is well known for its innovation, design and efficiency. It is the leading name in design, manufacture and sale of motors for central heating boilers in Europe. Priding itself on being the world leader, the group boasts of 4 plants in Italy and a global presence with one each in Poland, Mexico, Germany, India and China. Their workforce strength counts up to 3,000 employees and annual output measures up to 21 million units of kitchen hoods and motors. For almost four decades, Elica has combined meticulous care in design, judicious choice of material and innovative technology to guarantee maximum efficiency and reduce energy consumption that makes them a prominent market figure. The Group has revolutionized the traditional image of the kitchen hood: it is no longer seen as a kitchen accessory but as a design object, which improves the quality of life. Elica Group is engaged in the design, manufacturing, and sale of kitchen range hoods for domestic use as well as design, manufacture, and sale of motors for central heating boilers. In addition, the company produces and sells hobs, ovens, and sterilizers. The company offers its products under the Elica, Gutmann, Turboair, Jetair, Ariafina, Arietta, Puti, and Fime brand names. Geographically the business activity is functioned through the region of Europe + CIS, America, and Asia and the Rest of the World.
The Franke Medical medical device manufacturing plant is located in Finland and is part of the global holding Franke Group. It was founded in the early 1970s - for more than 40 years there has been the development and production of washer-disinfectors. Thanks to the vast experience of engineers working in the design office and in production, as well as thanks to the most modern production equipment and high work organization, today Franke Medical Oy is one of the leading companies in the automatic cleaning and thermal disinfection market. All products of the DEKO line meet the most current standards in this area. The activity of the plant meets the requirements of ISO 13485 and ISO 14001, also OHSAS 18001, and is tested and certified by the notified body No. 0537 VTT Certification, according to directive 93/42/EEC. Today’s range of the DEKO machines includes cabinet type instrument washer-disinfectors in four different sizes to meet the needs for optimum capacity. All models are provided with state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Control system allowing the most advanced, user-friendly possibilities for process control, verification & registration, modifications and service assistance. All machines are front-loaded, free-standing and dimensioned to maximize the relation of occupied floor space and machine capacity. The horizontal door and retractable wash shelves design allow easy, flexible and hygienic loading/unloading without the need for fixed racks, trolleys or conveyors that require extra handling, processing and attention. Depending on the supply services, the heating power for washing and disinfection can either be by steam from a central steam network or, generated by integrated, safely concealed electrical heating elements. The thermal disinfection phase in all instrument wd’s is carried out by hot water. The dryer is equipped with HEPA -filtering. The cycle is being monitored by integrated independent sensors as required by the ISO EN 15883-1 and 15883-2 standard.
La Cimbali
La Cimbali, the world leader in the professional espresso machine market, designs, manufactures and distributes professional espresso machines. The highest priority is given to the quality and reliability of the machines - they can withstand up to 20 years of intensive work, and some much more. In 1912, in one of the small streets of Milan, the shop "Giuseppe Cimbali - Copper Solderer" was opened. A few years later, the master Giuseppe Cimbali expanded his business and engaged in the production of parts for coffee machines, which he did until the 30s, when he decided to devote himself to the creation of espresso machines. Today, the Cimbali company (Cimbali) produces not only automatic and coffee machines, but also a number of related products - accessories for coffee machines and LaCimbali coffee grinders. More than 70% of production is exported. The company is represented in more than 100 countries, and its headquarters and production facilities are located near Milan.
Lineadecor Kitchens are manufactured by Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri San. A.Ş. which was established in 1991 with the experience and knowledge gained in the wood sector. Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri has played a pioneering role in the development of the modular kitchen sector by constantly increasing investments in technology and humans in line with its importance to production quality. Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri, which made significant investments in its substructure to reach the determined targets, has been active in Gebze facilities in 2006 and renewed all its production with high technology. Lineadecor kitchens make a difference in design, detail, material and product quality. Our company is closely following developments in the world with in-house R & D and P & D department and has pioneered many developments in Turkey. Expanding the possibilities of modular kitchen with its aesthetic and modern lines and different designs, Lineadecor enriches its product range day by day in order to meet personal needs and to meet customer expectations with different solutions in the kitchen. The most important indication of quality is positive feedbacks and thanks from our customers who have been using Lineadecor kitchen for many years.
Ballerina Küchen
The kitchen manufacturer Ballerina, founded in 1978, offers modern quality kitchens from Germany. Nevertheless, the company has made a name for itself on the international kitchen market with its robust, design-oriented kitchens. Almost every second Ballerina kitchen is sold abroad. Thanks to special colors and flexible working heights as well as multi-functional and mobile kitchen elements, there are hardly any limits to individual wishes at Ballerina. The fact that Ballerina attaches particular importance to individuality and design can be seen in the sophisticated selection of kitchen fronts and kitchen splashbacks. No other kitchen manufacturer has specialized so much in Resopal kitchen fronts as Ballerina. A kitchen front made of Resopal, called Original Resopal by Ballerina, can withstand a lot and is ideal for households with children. At Ballerina you will find an extremely large selection of different shades. There are around 60 different front designs in the range alone. These, in turn, are available in a variety of different colors – from the wood tone to the marble look. And if it needs to be a very specific color, pretty much any special color is possible for a slightly higher price.
Raumplus is a manufacturer of custom-made sliding doors, room dividers and wardrobe systems. As a company located in Bremen, we can flexibly manufacture everything from single pieces to large quantities. Raumplus as a brand stands for intelligent and innovative room solutions. These include sliding doors, room dividers, hinge and folding doors, walk-in wardrobes, wardrobe systems and freestanding furniture. Part of our lived corporate identity is that the fulfillment of our customers' wishes is the focus of our efforts. Raumplus employees and managers act in the spirit of traditional hanseatic merchants when they follow our ethical resolution to always be a fair, respectful and honest partner for customers and suppliers. Since 1986, raumplus company founder Jürgen Guddas has set as an ethical guiding principle that partnership is more than mere identification with the company. Rather, our dealings with all parties involved should always be so individually tailored to measure that they can be met at eye level.
SCHOCK GmbH has been a leading player in the quartz composite kitchen sinks category, ever since inventing the technology more than 40 years ago. The company has built a reputation as a technology, innovation and quality leader based on continued product development combined with traditional craftmanship. The mixture of craftsmanship and innovative technologies, of quality made in Germany and a strong position on the global market, of pioneering spirit and a sense of tradition, of passion and know-how is what has melded us over the past decades into what we are today: a continuously growing company that can look back on a long success.
Calling all coffee lovers! Browse our delicious range of ground coffee, coffee beans and coffee pods. Our variety of coffee beans offer something for every taste with various coffee bean blends to choose from, we're sure you'll discover something to suit your taste. Additionally, our ground coffee has been carefully prepared to deliver great flavours from mild to a full rich roast. Take a look around and discover how to take your coffee enjoyment to the next level.
Minges Kaffeerösterei GmbH
The Minges roastery is a family business founded in 1932, specializing in production and distribution of coffee. What Fritz Minges started more than 80 years ago has also passed into the flesh of his descendants. Ulli Minges, grandson of the founder, has been running the company in the third generation since 2006 – and continues the traditional craft of coffee roasting with pride and heart. Like his grandfather and father, he processes only the best green coffee beans and refines them using the gentle drum roasting process. True to the motto “What lasts a long time, finally becomes good”, the beans are given enough time this way to develop their full aroma and at the same time break down unwanted acids. The result is full-bodied and easily digestible products in which decades of experience and our whole passion are invested – in the past as well as today.
Since 1919 we have travelled the world to source the finest ingredients and improve our knowledge and skills. The desire for perfection is what continues to drive us forward. We bring the finest raw materials back to our Dolomite Home, where they undergo 5 quality control steps. We demand and adhere to the highest international standards to guarantee the quality of our coffee. When we evaluate our coffee, we consider every detail: coffee bean origin, year of harvest, conditions, shape and density. We are one great community united by Bristot and the love for genuine things made with dedication. We believe that passion is the driving force behind excellence.
Natale Verga
Natali Verga was founded in 1895 and main aim of company is to develop a market of good wine at a great price-quality ratio. Since then Natali Verga has been constantly evolving, inextricably tied to the Italian tradition for quality. Nowadays the brand Natali Verga has conquered the large-scale distribution thanks to the various brand and private labels. The investments allocated every year to the expansion of the production and to the enrichment of our offer underline the ability of the company to renew itself and constantly evolve to embrace the new trends and meet the needs of national and international markets.” Natali Verga are present in more than 30 countries, with a distribution in foreign markets that represents the 35% of our business turnover.
Marchesi Antinori
Marchesi Antinori is an Italian wine company that can trace its history back to 1385. The Antinori family has been committed to the art of winemaking for over six centuries, since when Giovanni di Piero Antinori became a member, of the “Arte Fiorentina dei Vinattieri”, the Florentine Winemakers’ Guild. Each vintage, each plot of land, each new idea to be advanced is a new beginning, a new pursuit for achieving higher quality standards.
The company was founded in 1979 by Frans Bogaerts to create phosphate-free cleaning products to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning agents. Clean products. Clean homes. Clean values. Leading by example and making sure, we try to operate as transparently as a freshwater stream – without getting too holier-than-thou about it. All to inspire people to make their world that little bit cleaner. We are on a mission to embrace living clean, not just clean living. It is much bigger than washing the dishes or doing the laundry. It is about making you feel wonderful in your home environment. We firmly believe that if you treat your home with all the TLC it deserves, then it will love you right back.
In 1958, the late Mr. Bruno Landesberg established the Southern Marketing Company Ltd. as a distribution company for household cleaning products in southern Israel. Over the years Sano Enterprises has steadily expanded, establishing new production plants for the manufacturing of aerosols, paper goods, hygiene products and a wide range of cleaning agents and products. Sano places high value on quality during the development and production of each new product. Their unique formulas and high-quality materials used are identical around the world, ensuring that the level of quality remains high wherever their products are sold. Sano are about creating professional products for everyday use, of uncompromising quality and making them accessible to the retail market, while being consistently trendy and fashionable.