The main value of after-sales service

Sale of goods - the first step towards building a successful relationship with the client. Proper after-sales service will turn a random client in constant.



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At BERKENJAM, we are proud to say that we sell only licensed products from leading global manufacturers. This ensures that our shoppers choose only from quality, reliable products.

Nevertheless, even the most high-quality products can have defects, or break down in the course of routine operation. Our close cooperation with our suppliers allows us to efficiently resolve any problem if it appears. All of our appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our specialists will work hard to repair your appliance if you should experience problems within the warranty period.
Within the warranty period, we provide on-site repair free of charge--we come to you. If for any reason this is logistically impractical or impossible for any reason, our specialists will repair your appliance in service center and send it back to you.


We also offer installation and setup assistance for all of our electronic appliances. Our professionals will deliver and install air conditioners, hoods, dishwashers, washing machines, gas ranges, refrigerators, and more. We’ll make the necessary utility connections, check the functionality of your appliance, advise you on how to operate it safely, and address all of your questions and concerns.
Our qualified delivery and installation specialists undergo periodic training courses, directly from the manufacturer. That’s knowledge you can count on!
Please be sure to tell us store manager about your installation and setup requirements!


Want to buy electronics? All you need to do - is to select the US.. Just find the product you need and come to one of our stores. We will deliver it to you. We employ only experienced drivers and movers you can count on to get your product all the way into your home safely and dependably. Our staff will work with you to set a precise date and time for delivery that is convenient to you.
Our employees previously phoned you and agree with you the time, date and address of delivery.