About Our Story

Our family company is a diversified trading company with long-standing experience, and a systematic market research team, which opens the pages of new mutually beneficial partnerships for European manufacturers.

Berkenjam's success demands that we provide the highest quality service to our customers. This approach includes before sale service, after sale services. The main objective of our company is to guarantee to our consumers a perfect product and level of quality, which fulfills wishes and matches their budget....

In addition, we must recognize that we all have a key role in supporting social responsibilities, which address our ethics, our quality control, and our environmental impact. We create all the conditions for a successful and reliable partnership by opening showrooms, retail outlets networks, and developing business in marketplaces and various online trading platforms.

In 2020, the creation of a separate structure, TechnoHaus, to promote home appliances through retail chains and online platforms, gave good results.

Our mission is to identify market needs, build a relationship with trustworthy manufacturers, and make long-term investments to successfully promote high-quality products.Our family company remains a reliable, long-term, and successful company. For many years it has been the official distributor of the following reputable European manufacturers. In addition to the cooperation with us, all companies have access to all parameters of cooperation, namely all statistical, marketing, commercial, banking, and legal data on the Turkmenistan market.As a family-run business, Berkenjam maintains a trusting relationship with its business partners. We aim to maintain our reilability and trustworthiness for many years to come. We strive for close cooperation with our business parnters, based on loyalty and fair play. Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim for a long-term relationship. We attach great importance to our business partners who trust us and coorparate closely with us.

BERKENJAM is always open to cooperation with potential partners from Europe